Laser in Argentinien

As one of the leading prepress suppliers on the South American packaging market, Bosisio is now offering its customers a further technology: Deatwyler’s Direct Laser System. The first Direct Laser in South America at all by the way.

After having moved the production into the new building with automated cylinder production facilities in 2008, this latest investment reconfirms unquestioned the enterprise’s market position.

The inauguration of the new system in the presence of clients, shareholders and staff took place beginning of December.

Besides the flexible packaging business, the tobacco market shall be even more spotlighted in future by means of the laser technology. Tobacco giant Philip Morris has been Bosisio’s customer for years. The first laser cylinders for the Marlboro brand family were already produced.

Bosisio has been a strategic partner of Janoschka since 2003. Since 2008 the Argentinean service provider is part of the Janoschka group.

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