Food packaging plant upgrades

Mondi Örebro has upgraded its extrusion coating facilities with tandem equipment, allowing the Swedish-based plant to increase capacity and run two sided products with different polymer types. Serving strong markets across Europe, the production line is approved for production of food packaging materials. “This additional capacity allows us to deepen the cooperation with our customers, particularly in the dynamic cupstock and tableware market”, says Thomas K. Schäbinger, CEO Mondi Coatings. Mondi Coating Zeltweg in Austria, focusing on the production of high-quality packaging materials for the food and pharmaceuticals industry, successfully continued the extensive upgrade of its extrusion coating lines. The plant invested in a new unwinder and the improvement of its inline gauging system. “This new features provide us with additional flexibility in responding to the fast change in product mix, which in turn benefits customers with faster reaction to their demands”, adds Thomas K. Schäbinger. The state-of-the-art technology enhances the safety standards of the machinery and allows to further raise the maximum production speed, also for critical products, by 30%. Mondi Coatings is already setting the pace for the future: “We strongly believe in sustainable solutions as an integral part of our strategy and as the next logical step in packaging technology - our engineers are already working intensively on the future generation of extrusion coating”, says Thomas K. Schäbinger, depicting the substantial role of products like Sustainex®, Mondi´s biopolymer-based product range, for future applications.

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