Kraft Foods intends to create two publicly traded companies

Kraft Foods has announced that its board of directors intends to create two independent public companies: a high-​growth global snacks business with estimated revenue of approximately $32bn, and a high margin North American grocery business with estimated revenue of approximately $16bn. The company expects to create these companies through a tax-​free spin-​off of the North American grocery business to Kraft Foods shareholders. Chairman and CEO, Irene Rosenfeld, said: “As our second quarter results once again show, our businesses are benefiting from a virtuous cycle of growth and investment, which we fully expect will continue. Our strategic actions have put us in a position to create two great companies, each with the leadership, resources and strong market positions to realise their full potential. “The global snacks business has tremendous opportunities for growth as consumer demand for snacks increases around the world. The North American grocery business has a remarkable set of iconic brands, industry-​leading margins and the clear ability to generate significant cash flow.”

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