Fingerprint Guidelines

PaC.Space is not an output (print) colour space, but an idealized CMYK working colour space for packaging gravure. The aim of this document is to ensure fingerprinting gets you as close as possible to the idealized PaC.Space working colour space. Obviously a 100% match would be ideal, but rather unlikely due to the complexity and variables found in packaging gravure. In consequence, besides to the ambition to match the PaC.Space working colour space closest possible, the balance and correlation between ink system, ink lay-down, cylinder properties or other machine parameters needs to be maintained as well. The idea is to achieve the best possible compromise between of the various targets. In other words: The fingerprint's aim is not to match a single objective 1:1, but to find the best overlap for all the technical requirements. This process may require subjective decisions that need to be taken, calling for well-trained professionals with a holistic view to lead the fingerprint exercise on the press. Download the guidelines here.

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