Award-winning partnership

Bischof + Klein has been presented with the Excellence Supplier Award 2013 by special chemicals group Evonik for its outstanding services as a supplier of technical films.

Bischof + Klein, whose headquarters are located in Lengerich, produces diverse surface protection films a variety of its major customer's plastic products. With around 33,000 employees and sales of 12.7 billion euros in 2013, Evonik Industries is regarded as the world's leading special chemicals company.

Amongst other products, the group manufactures Plexiglas, plastic components for special applications and elements for automotive engineering. This award has paid honour to decades of good collaboration with Bischof + Klein in the technical and commercial field. "In many cases, the protective film is now part of the product", explained Heiko Schumacher, Head of Surface Protection Film Sales at B+K. Bischof + Klein develops individually tailored solutions for all types of surface and is an important partner to its customer when new developments are involved.

"Our application technology is the central link." B+K films even offer protection whilst the plastic material is being processed. They therefore also have to withstand high temperatures during thermal forming, and must then be easily removable without residues. Adhesive-free or adhesive protection films are used depending on the properties of the surface to be protected and the intended use of the plastic parts. They are used as transportation protection and are a good sales argument in DIY outlets, for example. "A plastic sheet from which the protective film is already peeling will not be sold. Our film has to stay put!" 

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