Unilever Launches New Packaging Technology To Use 15% Less Plastic

Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant Unilever PLC said Tuesday that it has launched a new packaging technology that will use 15% less plastic for its products, based on Zotefoams PLC's microcellular technology. Unilever said that using Zotefoams' new MuCell Extrusion microcellular technology, its Dove body wash bottels will contain at least 15% less plastic in its packaging.

"The technology will be deployed first in Europe across the Dove Body Wash range, before rolling the technology out. With up to 33 million Dove Body Wash bottles sold across Europe in 2013, the new technology stands to save up to 275 tonnes of plastic a year," the firm said in a statement.

Unilever claims that a full roll-out across every one of its product and packaging format, could save up to 27,000 tonnes of plastic, and contribute significantly to its target of halving its waste footprint by 2020. Unilever said it will waive specific exclusivity rights by January 2015, so that other manufacturers can start to use the technology across their brands and products.

"Whilst consumers won't see any difference in the bottles, the impact on the environment will be very real," said President of MuCell Extrusion LLC, Mark Lindenfelzer in a statement.

Zotefoams is a cellular material technology company.

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