Interprint will join the Toppan Group

TOPPAN PRINTING to acquire 100% of the international décor printer INTERPRINT to further strengthen its global expansion strategy INTERPRINT with its worldwide presence and industry-leading design capabilities is set to join the TOPPAN Group. Together with the acquisition of Decotec Printing (Spain) in 2017, it will further strengthen TOPPAN's position as one of the global leaders in the printing industry.

TOPPAN Printing Co., Ltd. (TOPPAN) has signed an agreement with Wrede Industrieholding GmbH & Co. KG (WREDE) to acquire 100% of INTERPRINT GmbH (INTERPRINT). It is expected that the transaction will be consummated by the end of 2019 as soon as merger control proceedings have been completed. TOPPAN, headquartered in Tokyo, will further strengthen its leading position in the global printing industry with the acquisition of INTERPRINT. TOPPAN is committed to expanding its global market with the aim of achieving a 30% overseas sales ratio. The transaction accelerates its international expansion strategy in the décor printing market together with Decotec Printing S.A., acquired in 2017, and Toppan Interamerica Inc.

"With both companies together, we are confident that we will bring outstanding value to the industry globally," said Norio Yamanaka, Director & Managing Executive Officer of TOPPAN's Environmental Design Subdivision. "We are excited about INTERPRINT's benchmark décor design expertise as well as its exceptional and long-standing customer relationships. It will be the foundation for our future expansion not only in Europe, but also through the rest of the global market," said Hideo Yoshikawa, CEO of Toppan Europe GmbH.

INTERPRINT will become a part of the TOPPAN Group. The well-established INTERPRINT brand name will be retained and serve as an umbrella for TOPPAN's décor printing activities outside of Japan.

"Over the last 50 years, INTERPRINT has had an outstanding track record in business thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its management team. Our decision to choose TOPPAN as a strategic investor is a signal to all employees and customers worldwide that INTERPRINT will continue to be a trusted partner now and in the future," said Michael Sindram, Managing Director of Wrede Industrieholding.

"We are pleased to have achieved our top priority of finding a financially strong and reliable new shareholder for INTERPRINT. I am convinced that with TOPPAN by its side, INTERPRINT is well-positioned to continue its success story of international expansion," said Thomas Wrede, Chairman of the Advisory Board. 

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