Prof. Dr. Lutz Engisch becomes R&D head

As of 1 September 2012, Dr. rer. nat. Lutz Engisch, professor for materials and materials testing at the university of applied science HTWK Leipzig, will be the leading brain behind Janoschka’s R&D / innovation department.

Professor Dr. Lutz Engisch, who was already R&D responsible at SWG for several years, will take over the management of the R&D department and innovation force at Janoschka. In coordinating and consulting function, Dr. Engisch will be in charge of current projects and the overall research work on innovative technologies (rotogravure, security printing, printed electronics). Another important focus will be the support of the Janoschka Academy by mentoring students’ thesis at Janoschka.

“We are proud to have such an outstanding specialist and personality in our team. During his time at SWG, Dr. Engisch has pushed the research & development very successfully with his outstanding know-how and innovative ideas. We look forward to his input,” says Alexander Janoschka, Executive Shareholder Janoschka.

After his diploma study for chemistry including promotion, Lutz Engisch attended different research projects in the printing sector at renowned institutes in Sweden and Australia. Before taking over the R&D department at SWG in 2008, Dr. Engisch was responsible for the digital printing department at the institute for printing and media technology (pm TUC) at the TU Chemnitz. In 2011, he was appointed professor for materials and materials testing in printing and packaging technics at the HTWK Leipzig.

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