Les Prestiges Hélio

The 25th award „Prestiges Hélio“ took place at the museum of aerospace at the Paris airport Le Bourget mid of November. An outstanding location full of ancient and modern technology, and thus perfectly chosen for the award show of the annual ProHélio competition. The Beefeater Gin limited edition called “My London” won the “Super Prestige”.

Besides the three main awards „Prestige Graphique“, „Prestige Technique“ and „Super Prestige“, more printers were rewarded for outstanding print results on different printing substrates in eleven categories.

„We are happy that our standing customer Sleever International won the „Super Prestige 2013“, and we are of course proud to have contributed to this success with our expertise in gravure and print colour management. And even to another seven prizes offered to packaging projects printed with the graphic services and/or printing formes supplied by other Janoschka production sites in France. Congratulations to all winners.”, says Philippe Gallois, managing director of Gravure d’Azur.

Beefeater’s „My London“ is even special above its printing. The bottle’s design is some kind of a collage with 2.200 single pictures. Consumers were asked to upload their photograph to showcase the creativity and personal freedom of London and its people on this limited edition of the traditional brand from Pernod Ricard.

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