The global FMCG packaging market in 2013 will reach $436.5bn.

The rising disposable incomes in emerging markets are largely driving FMCG packaging market growth. As these emerging market middle class consumers increase in numbers, the demand for a variety of FMCG products is expected to expand.

In the developed markets, while the FMCG and FMCG packaging markets are mature and saturated, some value growth is expected. As the consumers age in developed country economies, higher demand for convenient packaging products, such as easy-to-open features, is expected. More demand for healthcare FMCG products is also expected, benefiting healthcare FMCG packaging. As a consequence of these macro trends, Visiongain has determined that the value of the global FMCG packaging market in 2013 will reach $436.5bn.

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