Préstiges Hélio 2016



The French rotogravure association Prohélio awarded mid of November the 28th “Préstiges Hélio” on behalf of the Salon d’Emballage in Paris. A graphical and technical jury had evaluated the winning packagings at the Lycée Gutenberg in Strasburg in October.

At the so-called „Nuit des Prestiges“, the annual award ceremony, printers are primarily rewarded for a perfect realization of technically challenging or innovative packaging. Winners are selected from ten categories of different printing substrates.

Among various Janoschka clients, who have been awarded for outstanding printing challenges, Sleever International won one of the top awards: the “Prestige Graphique”. The French Janoschka Site MTH, located 80 km southwest of Paris, is proud to have supplied the printing tools for this project.

"We congratulate our customers on this great success. To be on the award list every year speaks volumes about the quality and, above all, the skill of each printer. We are proud to have been able to contribute to this performance as chosen prepress partner," says Philippe Gallois, Commercial Director of Janoschka France.

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