British American Tobacco is launching “Banderol” on their packaging

In their contribution to fight illicit trade, British American Tobacco Egypt (BAT) in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance represented by the Taxation Authority, launched the new Banderol stamp initiative on most of its products to eliminate the counterfeit and illicit trade phenomenon.

This new step comes as a support to the Egyptian economy, which suffered from great losses in a form of uncollected taxes. The Taxation Authority agreed with BAT to gradually implement the tax stamp on some of the locally manufactured cigarettes to assist consumers and traders differentiate between original cigarettes and counterfeited ones. The tax stamp has been applied on some of BAT’s brands such as Kent Silver last May. Meanwhile, it will be applied on the rest of Kent varieties and Rothmans during August 2015.

“We are proud to be the first contributor to apply the tax stamp on most of our company’s products, manufactured by Eastern Company to eliminate the illicit trade phenomenon in the Egyptian market,” said Faruk Yener, BAT’s Area Director for North Africa. He added that the company has revamped Rothmans packs to carry the tax stamp to raise the traders’ awareness to differentiate between the original product and smuggled counterfeits. “We have recently launched our new improved version of Rothmans in Egypt , added Faruk .The New Modern design infused with Global iconography will make the packaging imitation process more difficult in front of smugglers. The product itself has been enhanced by introducing high quality leaf brought out through a slightly lower tar delivery resulting in satisfying taste and new flavors,” Yener stated.

BAT believes that the Egyptian market is one of the biggest and strategic markets in North Africa, therefore the company is seeking to enhance its presence in the Egyptian market through pumping new investments and strengthening the cooperation with Eastern Tobacco to provide high quality products at a reasonable price. - See more at: ameinfo.com/finance-and-economy/economy/retail/british-american-tobacco-is-launching-banderol-on-their-packaging/

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