Gravure printing seminar in Iran

The Toranj Group organises a seminar in Teheran for the Iranian gravure printing industry on 28/29 May 2014.

The two-day event is aimed primarily at printers, but also at students interested in the subject. A total of nine speakers will give a comprehensive insight into the industry through diverse presentations, thus shedding light onto a field of great importance for the local market.

After all, with 80 million inhabitants and a young, growing population, Iran offers gravure packaging printing potential that should not be underestimated. The subjects range from the individual target markets to various aspects of cylinder preparation through to the details of specific technologies.

From Janoschka, Rudi Weis-Schiff will talk about market requirements in the prepress segment, while Zafer Akendiz will present various technologies and innovations in cylinder preparation. The Toranj Group is a key umbrella organisation in Iran for, seminars, training and education in the Iranian print industry.

As the leading international organisation of the gravure printing industry, the European Rotogravure Association (E.R.A.) will also support the event on-site and, through its strong network, is contributing significantly to programme planning and speaker selection.

For further Information please contact Rudi Weis-Schiff, Managing Director Janoschka France.

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