SIG Combibloc launches greener and lighter screw cap

Liquid carton giant SIG Combibloc has said it has reduced the amount of raw materials used into its latest screw cap product, the combiCap. The new closure mechanism weighs 1.85g and, according to the company, the new addition consists of a flange with integrated cutting ring and a screw cap. A single twist of the screw cap breaks a seal with an audible click. “When developing new products and enhancing existing ones, we make every possible effort to ensure that we systematically continue to reduce the proportion of non-renewable raw materials our products contain,” said Hanno Berting, product manager for opening solutions at SIG Combibiloc. He added: “The first screw cap on our aseptic beverage carton packs weighed 4.9g. With combiCap the screw cap weighs just 1.85g. We’re now offering an ideal closure the very sensitive milk segment.” Berting said that the combiCap would be offered exclusively for the manufacturer’s Slimline format. The cap can be applied to the carton pack using existing closure applicators from SIG Combibloc. Humana will be the first customer to incorporate the combiCap for its UHT milk products in the German market.

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