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The French subsidiary Janoschka Graphics France, based in the same location as Sopelpa, specialises in the digital phase of the pre-press process. It creates artwork and reproductions for food packaging manufactured using gravure, offset or flexographic printing processes.

Janoschka Graphics France is a market leader, especially in the reproduction of high-quality folding cartons for premium Cognac brands and other distilled beverage products. This company has also been awarded the Imprim’Vert eco-label.

In addition to providing direct support for various brand owners, the approximately 20 employees also undertake all graphic services and reproduction work for sister company Sopelpa.


Janoschka Graphics France S.A.S.
Z.E. Les Savis
16160 Gond Pontouvre
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Tel: +33 5 45 91 21 21
Fax: +33 5 45 91 24 52

VAT-ID: FR65509642997


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Departments and people
Thierry Lafarge Account Manager +33 545 91 78 95
Sandrine Faurie Account Manager +33 545 91 79 00
Hervé Zammit IT Manager +33 545 91 78 94