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Asia is thirsty. Milk and dairy products in particular are becoming more and more popular in heavily-populated Asia. And right now, China is at the head of the queue. To satisfy Asia’s growing thirst for milk, exports from Europe are in demand, because in Europe milk is available in abundant quantities, and European milk is seen as representing excellent quality and product safety. For export sales to Asia, however, it is not just the milk that must be top quality – the packaging also needs to satisfy exacting quality standards. In this respect, the aseptic carton pack hits the mark with an overall package brimming with benefits.

“For our European dairy customers, the number of UHT milk products in our carton packs that are headed for the Asian market has increased sixfold since 2011”, says Matthias Krusche, Global Market Segment Manager at SIG Combibloc, one of the world’s leading systems manufacturers of carton packs and filling machines for food and beverages. In China for example, people are prepared to pay handsomely for dairy products from Europe. So in particular the large dairy groups, with their increasingly global focus, are seeing attractive potential for growth in the Asian market and are manoeuvring themselves into position, with milk exports to Asia and also to growth regions such as Africa and the Middle East, to be as well-prepared as possible for the massive changes in the global dairy market.

This is not affected only by the need for dairy products in such growth regions. In fact, it is anticipated that the abolition of the European milk quota system in 2015 will strongly affect the market conditions. Due to an EU decision, from 2015 farmers in Europe will be free to produce milk without any limits. But in Europe, the demand for milk is covered – additional quantities will not necessarily be needed, and do not automatically promise extra profits. In Asia, the picture is quite different. With a population that is continuing to grow, rising incomes and changing dietary habits, which increasingly are taking on Western traits, the popularity of healthy, high-quality milk products is increasing – especially products that can be shown to come from Europe. Similar consumption and market trends are being observed in some parts of Africa.

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