Mayr-Melnhof Karton Presents Quantum Leap for Cartonboard Packaging

The protection of customer health is the foremost responsibility of the food packaging supply chain. The new cartonboard grade Foodboard™ of Mayr-Melnhof Karton is a protected internal development representing a quantum leap in the protection of cartonboard packed foodstuff. The core component is an innovative, ecologically sensitive and consumer friendly barrier concept. Thereby packaged food is perfectly shielded against unintended substances from the packaging environment.

Over 5 years of research and development from 20 dedicated experts processing more than 14.000 individual migration analyses and the conversion of several million safe Foodboard™ boxes made this breakthrough technology ready for industrial production! Comprehensive long-term series tests with leading multinational food producers prove the effectiveness of our migration barriers, highest converting standards and fastest packing line performance.

Foodboard™ is a new, high quality coated recycling cartonboard with a unique functional barrier on the food contact side of the board. It is of pure cartonboard quality, not an extruded or laminated compound. It is fully crecyclable, biodegradable and will be available FSC® and & PEFCTM certified. 

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