Extrusion line at Paraná factory put into operation

SIG Combibloc’s Brazilian packaging plant, an extrusion line has now been put into operation which laminates unprocessed cardboard for the company’s carton packs on-site.

This major milestone completes the modular investment and building project in Campo Largo, near the city of Curitiba in Brazil’s Paraná state. The first rolls of packaging material are already rolling off the belt fully laminated.

The starting signal for this ambitious building project in Brazil was given in 2010, when SIG Combibloc began construction of its first packaging plant in South America. In mid-2011, the packaging plant was put into operation. With the production line installed, the prelaminated packaging material used to make the carton packs was printed, cut to size, stamped and sealed. In the second stage of construction, an extrusion line has now been added, which from now on will laminate the unprocessed cardboard with polymers and aluminium on-site in Brazil.

The inner polymer layers of an aseptic carton pack form a liquid barrier for the products that will later be filled in it; the outer layer keeps moisture out. The razor-thin aluminium layer protects the food and beverages packaged in the carton packs from light, oxygen and external odours.

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