ERA visits Janoschka's innovation site

This year, the ERA Packaging and Decorative Conference was held on 4 and 5 November in Dresden. As part of the event, around 100 visitors made their way to Frankenberg to take a look behind the scenes at Sächsische Walzengravur (SWG). They were particularly impressed by the Cellaxy embossing and the possibilities of the innovative 3D Plus applications.

SWG, a subsidiary of Janoschka, played host for the ERA for the first time in early November. The tour around this highly innovative site complemented the topics of the conference perfectly with "live" examples in practice. The tour encompassed the entire spectrum of gravure printing, from the production of blanks to flexographic printing formes.

The presentation of entirely new design development and implementation options for giving print data a three-dimensional effect was met with great enthusiasm. To achieve these results, SWG offers an extensive portfolio under the term "3D Plus": The company's end-to-end 3D work flow starts with high-resolution scans of topographic data, incorporates novel software solutions for 3D data generation and processing, and rounds off with special coatings and embossing formes. On this basis, SWG is setting completely new standards for a wide variety of markets, whether for the packaging industry or decorative print.

Thanks to its superior direct laser expertise, SWG has already been the beta test partner for renowned engraving machine manufacturers such as Hell and Kodak, among others. Visitors also showed great interest in the modern cylinder concepts developed by the company, which offer lightweight alternatives to traditional steel cylinders by using aluminium, plastic and light steel constructions.

About the ERA Packaging and Decorative Conference
The ERA Packaging and Decorative Conference was held on 4 and 5 November in Dresden. The conference programme highlighted the latest developments in packaging and decorative printing, taking into account the perspectives of the end users, and gave an overview of innovations and developments such as on-press colour management in packaging and decorative printing.

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