Ampac acquires Elag Verpackungen

AMPAC Holdings LLC, a global strategic leader in the food, pet food, retail, security and medical packaging markets, announces the acquisition of flexible packaging firm ELAG Verpackungen AG, based in Kirchberg, Switzerland. AMPAC’s strategic focus on innovation has established the company as the global leader in creative flexible packaging. With the acquisition of ELAG, AMPAC will further expand its global capabilities to create and bring-to-market innovative flexible packaging concepts around the world. With leadership and expertise in pre-formed pouching, AMPAC’s dynamic pouch solutions fit multiple market segments, including food, pet food, beverage, health & beauty, lawn & garden, and pharmaceuticals. Strengths in retort pouching include award winning sustainable innovations with recloseable zippered retort pouches. AMPAC’s global expansion includes fourteen international centers of manufacturing excellence on three continents with core centers in the United States and Europe. The AMPAC acquisition of ELAG in Switzerland broadens and strengthens the availability of quality pouching products for all AMPAC customers. Robert Elsaesser, former owner of ELAG Verpackungen AG said, “AMPAC’s acquisition of ELAG helps the overall strategy of our companies to produce innovative packaging technologies using all available global resources. We are proud to join our companies to provide better service to our customers.” Managing Director of ELAG, Hansruedi Haeberli states, “AMPAC’s innovative solutions in packaging, as well as their global reach, were appealing to ELAG. Their technical expertise will be of great benefit to our customer base, and we envision our technical expertise benefitting AMPAC’s customers as well.” “With our company positioned for global commerce, AMPAC’s acquisition of ELAG has further advanced our global capabilities and provided additional resources for the development of innovative packaging ideas. AMPAC drives transformation and packaging performance by creating package concepts that are more innovative, progressive and dynamic than those used by competitive brands. AMPAC’s comprehensive approach to packaging is an effective balance of rigorous, technology-driven thinking and exceptional creativity,” said John Baumann, President and CEO of AMPAC. Joachim Antz, Managing Director of AMPAC Germany states, “ELAG is a very good fit with our current strategies. Their strengths in flexo printing and the strong capability in pouching at both our sites will significantly improve AMPAC’s position in the European marketplace.” AMPAC President Global Pouching Division Marc Rapp states, “With the acquisition of ELAG, we are following the request of our key global customers to offer additional high quality operations and a solid backup position to handle their retort business. The innovative potential in ELAG is the ideal completion of our service portfolio in Europe.” Both senior leadership teams from AMPAC and ELAG will continue in their present roles. Ampac is a leader in the food, pet food, retail, medical and security packaging markets, whose mission is to design and deliver innovative packaging products and services that build business for the customer. With excellent strategic vision and strong operational and financial expertise, Ampac is committed to maximizing core strengths to grow overall global presence and highly valued customer relationships. It is a diversified global packaging company with 14 manufacturing centers in North America, Europe and Asia employing approximately 1,300 people.

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