Interprint’s Expanded USA Operations

With world headquarters situated in Arnsberg, Germany, where the company was founded in 1969, the global Interprint Group is one of the leading decor printers in the world. Interprint styles decorate the surfaces of numerous materials in the segment of derived timber products, which are employed in residential and commercial applications. These include living room, kitchen and bathroom furniture, store fixtures, laminate flooring, and in the interior furnishing in trains, ships, airplanes or in the recreational vehicle industry.

The USA division of Interprint, known as Interprint, Inc. at its U.S. location, was founded in Lenox, Massachusetts in 1985. Today, Interprint, Inc. is the North American decorative printing market leader and the printer of choice for many of the world’s finest laminators. Interprint, Inc.’s customers include recognizable names such as Pergo, Formica, Armstrong and Wilsonart.

Like its parent company, Interprint, Inc. is a designer and printer of décor paper used as the design layer in laminate surfaces, such as countertops, flooring, furniture and retail fixtures, and a whole host of other applications. The company designs laminates for consumer, business, retail, and hospitality uses, as well as a multitude of other applications in the places where people live, work, learn and relax.


Interprint’s design and rotogravure printing plant is in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The facility houses five printing machines, one of which provides a width of up to 2,730 mm; three laboratory machines; and an in-house reproduction department. A 2009 Plant Expansion increased the size of its space by 18,000 square feet to accommodate new laser-engraving technology and expanded storage. The overall investment of about $7 million included new equipment the company needed to enable its own, in-house, cylinder engraving capabilities. Managing Director Roland Morin says, “We engrave our own cylinders, and we’re the only company in our industry in North America with that capability.”

Laser-engraving equipment digitally engraves designs and patterns on a printing cylinder's metallic surface. When installed into a printing machine, the printing cylinder presses the design (or pattern) with ink onto specially-prepared paper. The benefits of laser-engraving are quicker and more accurate engravings, greater print definition and detail, and the ability to print even the most subtle designs. The technology also allows the company to re-engrave exact duplicate printing cylinders years into the future.

Besides the improved logistics the technology enables, having this high-resolution engraving available in-house allows Interprint designers to realize their visions for décor that would prove impossible through mechanical engraving. As a result, Interprint is able to develop lines of décor that break new ground in scale and motion.

Interprint’s internal team of professional designers continually work to create innovative design concepts that define the leading edge for the gravure printing industry. Interprint also retains some of the world’s foremost freelance designers to aid its efforts in spotting new trends and emerging design movements. Special considerations must be made in designing for this industry along with the many elements of good design, including scale, movement, color play and adaptability to the laminate market.
Interprint, Inc. also benefits from the international company’s cooperative approach with access to the capabilities, expertise and resources from Interprint locations around the world. This allows Interprint to supply the North American market with the latest décors and to create a breadth of laminate designs that would not be possible otherwise.

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