The new Janoschka agency: Linked2Brands

"We are leading brand owners to success - wherever on this plant".

For more than four decades, Janoschka has been the prepress partner for the packaging industry, helping brand owners and converters implement their packaging projects. The prepress partner has now spun off its business unit „Brand Owner“.

To meet the growing demands of the various customer groups, Janoschka will continue to expand its specialisation in the dedicated markets, and therefore has spun off the “Brand Owner” business unit into a new company as of 1 July 2019.

The new production agency Linked2Brands, located in Munich and Kippenheim, is a fully owned subsidiary of Janoschka AG. As a production agency for brand owners, Linked2Brands specialises in design adaptation, photography, artwork, colour separation, repro, print and colour management along the entire value creation chain of the pre-press process. Linked2Brands guarantees its customers the exact and consistent presentation of their brand – comprehensively and worldwide.

The competence and strength in the brands business are underscored with a new brand image. Being a spin-off from the original business unit – the brand team at Janoschka Deutschland, Linked2Brands has more than twenty-five years of experience and solid know-how in the world of brand presentation at various touch points, with design adaptation and packaging development. Thanks to this legacy, the specialists already have the entire pre-press process and the realisation of the design via different printing processes but also online (e- und m-commerce) in mind from the outset.

Linked2Brands is there to advise producers of branded products from the very beginning of the value creation chain and offer solutions that are relevant at the end of that chain, when the design is presented and printed.

“If we – as a one-stop-shop – are on board from early on, we ensure that efficient solutions are chosen, thus saving our customers money. Our closely integrated working practices mean that interfaces are kept to a minimum. Processes flow into one another flexibly. For our customers, this means shorter market launch phases,” says Stefan Hilss, Managing Director Linked2Brands GmbH. “We ensure that all brand-relevant content reaches consumers wherever they come into contact with the brand, whether it’s in the supermarket or while mobile shopping.”

The business units „Converters“ and „Tobacco“ are being continued under the Janoschka brand.


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