Nestle explains why it’s crowdsourcing ideas for KitKat, Allen’s lollies and Lifesavers

Nestle is the latest big brand using a crowdsourcing platform to collect fresh ideas around new product development, packaging and communication strategies.

The FMCG giant is using eYeka, a global crowdsourcing platform that calls itself ‘the world’s biggest community playground’, connecting client briefs with a more than 300,000 creatives in 164 countries speaking more than 10 different languages.

Nestle started out testing the platform with Lifesavers, opening up a brief to the community in the form of a competition. They received so many great ideas that they decided to expand, sending out additional briefs for the KitKat and Allen’s brands.

eYeka’s head in ANZ, Matthieu Jacomin, explains how it works: “It’s always a competition, so we open the brief to the whole community, we set up at the beginning a number of winners, between three to five winners, and at the end of the day when we present the work and the ideas to the brand they have access to all of them and they have to select winners and give them a prize to buy the IP of the ideas.” Regular community members as well as outsiders are invited to “crack the brief” for the promise of a monetary prize if they win. The community includes creative advertising professionals, freelancers, students and what Jacomin calls ‘people in the wrong job’ who use it as a chance to express their creativity.

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