Janoschka Academy at University in Munich

How to produce process neutral repro data, and to convert them into the printer specific colour space after finishing the repro work? This was the essential question asked by the University for Applied Sciences / Faculty Print in Munich and recently answered in a lecture by Lothar Roth, General Manager Technology of Janoschka.

Colour management, especially for packaging printing, and Pac.Space were the central topics discussed with numerous students. Pac.Space is the first uniform colour standard for packaging gravure developed by the ERA working group Pro-Tiefdruck and its members GMG and Janoschka.

The Janoschka Academy, mentored by Lothar Roth, and its “Academic Cooperation” division supports students who wish to delve deeper into the prepress and gravure packaging business practices within their education.

Four contact for questions or further details is Lothar Roth.

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