Préstiges Hélio 2010

It was the 22nd edition of "Préstiges Hélio" taking recently place in Paris and again awarding printers for best performance in printed packaging in terms of design, realisation, print quality etc. The yearly event is organised by the French association "Pro Hélio", an organisation to promote rotogravure.

Congratulations go to all our customers for the great success, especially to name the printers Hélios who was awarded with this year's "Préstige Graphique" (brand owner Soleco, cylinders by Eurogravure) and Sleever, that won both the "Super Préstige" and the "Préstige Technique" (brand Vodka 58, cylinders by Gravure d'Azur).

"Of course we are happy to see that our customers are among the sophisticated and technically advanced printers, not only in France. And we are proud that eight out of ten awarded projects were realised with Janoschka products. With over 30 years of experience in the packaging business Janoschka has always strived for enhancements and state-of-the-art performance to supply the market with best possible products and services", so Rudi Weis-Schiff, managing directors Janoschka France.

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