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Artwork Supply Guideline

You may upload here the guidelines for the structured delivery of your repro data.[Leer más]

88 Ki
83 Ki

Barcode Specifications

You may download here the Barcode Specifications that give you the barwidth reduction needed to process the barcodes successfully at Janoschka.[Leer más]

251 Ki
162 Ki

Data Supply Guideline

You may upload here the guidelines for the structured delivery of your repro data.[Leer más]

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24 Ki

Fingerprint Guideline

This guideline gives you some references on how to adapt your fingerprints to the Pac.Space working colour space.[Leer más]

557 Ki
538 Ki

data sheet Bases & Sleeves

adapter, air cylinder, aluminium base hollow, aluminium base shafted, aluminium embossing sleeve, bearing, cooling cylinder, Cylight, Ecobase, embossing sleeve steel, RFID chip, RFID service, gear, heating cylinder, porter cylinder, proROTO, proROTO Classic (sleeve expander), steel base shafted, steel base hollow[Leer más]

217 Ki

data sheet Digital Printing

digital printing on various surfaces[Leer más]

241 Ki

data sheet Dynacyl

A new cylinder concept for rotogravure printing[Leer más]

212 Ki

data sheet Embossing

de- and remounting embossing unit, embossing for PVC / silicone applications, rotary laser embossing cylinder, rotary milling embossing cylinder, rotary etched debossing cylinder[Leer más]

222 Ki

data sheet Flexo

digital plate, elastomer plate, elastomer ITR sleeve, HD plate, HD Advanced plate, Kodak plate, lacquer plate, photopolymer ITR sleeve[Leer más]

187 Ki

data sheet Graphic Services

artwork, contract proof, color management, design, consultancy, fingerprint, mock-up, on-site service, packshot, product photography, remote proof, repro[Leer más]

225 Ki

data sheet Printing Cylinders

Cellaxy, Celleye, Digilas, Direct Laser System, electromechanical engraving, HQH, Schepers, Schepers laser exposure, Think-Lab laser exposure, Transcribe, Xtreme engraving[Leer más]

214 Ki

data sheet Special Appliances

lacquering, rotary screen, screen printing, toner sleeve[Leer más]

253 Ki

data sheet Training Programs

Janoschka Academy, auditing, consulting, training[Leer más]

223 Ki

data sheet Web Services

central archiving management, digital asset management, information management, iPack, PAS Media, WebCenter[Leer más]

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data sheet Worldwide

overview of Janoschka production facilities worldwide[Leer más]

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