Security Printing

Anti-counterfeiting security in relation to product safety or when printing banknotes and official documents are big issues for brand owners and printers likewise. To give an overview of the varied possibilities of security features in rotogravure printing Janoschka has developed a real special data sheet.

Anti-counterfeiting security is imperative when printing banknotes and official documents. However, security applications can also protect against product piracy or emphasise the exclusive nature of a brand. The fields of use are varied and the manufacturing process complex: the combination of the finest design elements, special inks, lacquers and encryption mechanisms already requires very specific expertise in artwork and reproduction. Manufacturing of the printing cylinders and printing-technology realisation must take place with maximum precision.

Together with our clients we design security applications, which are tailored to their individual requirement and guarantee a professional implementation. The examples shown are produced in gravure and give a realistic impression of the very diverse options available.

To give all interested party an overview of the wide range of security features in rotogravure printing, we have developed a technical data sheet showing the different applications like hidden image, special inks, tactile lacquers, or micro prints. It goes without saying that the sheet was produced in rotogravure printing.

Futher information or the data sheet are available via info(at)janoschka.com.

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