Career Formal Trainings

Training qualified junior staff has been of great importance to the company since the very early days. On average, 35 apprentices are being trained across a 3-year programme.

Our working environment is highly innovative, which is why we ensure that our employees are always appropriately qualified for their individual range of tasks. In addition to imparting the necessary specialist expertise, a sense of customer service and soft skills as part of our corporate culture are equally important.

The company therefore offers and funds team building and health-promoting programmes. We are universally committed to responsible dealings with the environment and people.

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Training at Janoschka

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Digital and Print Media Designer (m/f/d)

Specialisation in text, graphics and image processing

Media designers gather all necessary data for every job, plan each step in the process and design individual components for the respective media products. They combine media components, prepare data for digital use and prepare it for the relevant purpose, using the latest imaging and graphics applications.

Specialisation in gravure printing forme production

The same content is taught as in text, graphics and image processing. In addition, apprentices learn about the particular characteristics of the imaging process in cylinder production, where images or text are transferred onto an image carrier (gravure cylinder or embossing roller) using various production technologies such as etching, engraving, laser or milling.


Specialisation in text, graphics and image processing

  • In-house training department
  • In-house repro/artwork departments

Specialisation in gravure printing

  • Cylinder imaging in printing and embossing forme production
Surface Coater (m/f/d)

Surface coaters add coatings and enhancements to metal and plastic surfaces using electroplating baths. They prepare the items to be coated and the coating solutions. Quality control and follow-up treatment of the items and cleaning the baths, as well as disposing of the electrolytic solutions are also part of the job description, as is maintaining and servicing equipment.

  • Wastewater neutralisation
  • Analysis and control in our in-house lab
  • Maintenance of electroplating equipment and baths
Industrial Clerk (m/f/d)

Industrial clerks manage business administration in the company. They are involved in materials management by comparing offers, negotiating with suppliers and supervising incoming goods and storage. They are also involved in production management by planning, directing and monitoring the production of goods or services and compiling documentation to accompany orders.

In addition, to provide support to the sales department, they develop estimates and price lists and handle sales negotiations with customers. In finance and accounting, industrial clerks process, book and control ongoing business operations.

They support Human Resources by determining staffing requirements, supporting recruitment and selection and planning staff deployment. Industrial clerks are the first point of contact for international business partners, organise business trips and handle general administrative tasks.


- no traineeship in 2021 available -

  • Controlling & Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Logistics




IT Specialist (m/f/d)

IT specialists in systems integration plan and configure IT systems. They set up systems according to customer requirements, either in-house or at the customer site, and operate and manage those systems. This includes systematic debugging using expert and diagnostics systems. IT specialists advise the company on the choice of hardware and resolve issues with systems and applications. In addition, they develop systems documentation and conduct user training.


- no traineeship in 2021 available -


In-house IT support for hardware & software, plus project work

Warehouse Logistics Employee (m/f/d)

Warehouse logistics employees receive all types of goods, check the documentation in terms of quantity and condition, organise unloading, as well as look after sorting and storing of goods. The dispatching of goods, from planning the delivery tour, determining the most cost-effective shipping method, as well as assembling and packing the goods are also part of the job description. In addition, they load lorries and containers and deal with lifting equipment (such as forklift trucks).

  • receiving goods
  • dispatching goods
  • disposition
Mechatronics Engineer (m/f/d)

Mechatronics Engineers carry out tasks relating to mechanics, electronics and IT. They build and install complex systems that are composed of mechanical, as well as electronic and IT-based components and carry out maintenance and repairs. Reviewing circuit diagrams and engineering drawings, installing control systems and wiring cables are also part of the job description, as is error analysis and correction.


- no traineeship in 2021 available -



Your application


From the start of the summer holidays until October for one year prior to start of apprenticeship.

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Training at Janoschka


Just send your application to:


Please send us your full application dossier, including a covering letter, CV, copies of the last two school reports as well as the leaving certificate. We would love to take a look at copies of your creative work samples as well, if you are applying for an apprenticeship in media design.

Aptitude Test

If your initial application is successful, we will invite you for an aptitude test. This involves answering a series of questions and solving a number of tasks in writing. But don’t worry, we will offer you the chance to show us what you can do and that you’re the right candidate for the trainee programme.


Following a positive result of the aptitude test, we will invite you to an interview. You will receive a short questionnaire ahead of the meeting, which will help you prepare for your interview. We would like to meet you in person and get an impression of who you are.


We will inform you of our decision within four weeks after the interview and discuss signing the contract and how to proceed with you directly.

Family Day

Before the summer holidays, we hold a meet-and-greet afternoon for the new trainees, which parents and relatives are warmly invited to attend.

This gives the family an insight into Janoschka as a company, as well as the production side of things.