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Alexander Janoschka

Executive Board (CEO)

As CEO, Alexander Janoschka promotes corporate strategic and organisational development. Before his studies as a communications designer, he worked in various sectors of the printing industry in the US. Furthermore, he deepened his professional experience through stays in France, Portugal and Denmark. After successfully completing his studies, he worked as an entrepreneur with his own marketing and web design agency in Berlin. He completed his broad educational spectrum with an MBA through further general management studies in Sydney and St. Gallen, before joining the company at the start of 2008. With his keen feeling for people and markets he ensures the successful strategic orientation of the company based on current market requirements and customer needs. Moreover, he further develops internal processes and structures to bundle all of the competences and potentials inside the rapidly growing corporate network meaningfully and to make these genuinely usable.

Fabian Naudascher

Executive Board (CFO)

Fabian Naudascher has been a member of the board of Janoschka Holding GmbH since January 2014 and is responsible for finance (accounting, controlling, tax and treasury) and law.

He was previously CFO in charge of the commercial division at BCT Technology AG and also worked as a manager in charge of the accounting and tax departments at MTU Aero Engines Holding AG. His career path also saw him work at accountancy firm Zehentbauer-Jehle KG as well as Zeppelin GmbH.