The ‘Janoschka Prismatic Effect Cylinder’ enables a new generation of finishing solutions for packaging. Moving 2D patterns lend a premium look to packaging and attract the consumer’s attention.

Its special security mark means that JAPRIS can also be deployed to combat product piracy.

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Magazine no. 6

This sixth edition of LINKED is to sharpen our awareness of the things that enrich our lives. Both large and small.
LINKED describes the long journey of a coffee bean. This issue highlights the high demands on packaging. And it also includes a report on gold and its fascination.

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Enhancing Partner

Thanks to its strategic partnership with Digimarc, the leading provider of digital barcode solutions, Linked2Brands Germany as a licensed Enhancing Partner is now able to provide support for industrial HolyGrail testing, due to commence later this year in Germany and France.

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Save Ink

Ink consumption is a key factor for achieving cost savings in gravure printing. At the same time, the print quality must meet the customers’ high standards.

Janoschka ran a comparison of consumption of an electro-mechanically engraved and a laser-engraved cylinder under real-life conditions.

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