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Janoschka Angoulême in southwest France and has been part of the Janoschka network since 2001. Thanks to its excellent production process, the company has grown into the largest cylinder engraver in the region and works mainly with printing companies in the flexible packaging market.

Janoschka Angoulême can support its customers throughout the entire pre-press process including tooling production and graphic services. The company has been awarded the Imprim’Vert eco-label and, with some 45 employees, manufactures approximately 11,000 gravure cylinders a year.


Janoschka Angoulême S.A.S.
Z.E. Les Savis
16160 Gond Pontouvre

Tel: +33 545 683 255

VAT-ID: FR89631820131

Road map

Road Map

Departments and people
Lionel Barbut Plant Manager +33 545 688 866
Martial Rivet Customer Service +33 545 680 440
Nathalie Cadier Purchasing & Accounting +33 545 680 500